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About KLOP

NEN-EN-ISO-9001:2015 certified

We work on the basis of mutual trust. Trust is good, checking is better. Quality is of the highest importance. KLOP has a certified quality system in place that meets the NEN-EN-ISO-9001- 2015 requirements. To be best able to serve you, KLOP continually strives for improvement.


KLOP's roots lie in the local fishing and wood industry. In 1932 grandfather Klop (1904-1992) laid the foundations for a business based on fine craftsmanship. The family's first entrepreneur did not deal in building equipment - he produced wooden wheelbarrows and milking stools for farmers. He worked hard to deliver a high-quality product on time for his customer. He only returned to his old profession during the fishing season: catching salmon on the Merwede river.

Wood was good, steel is better. In 1956 the company expanded. The eldest son joined his father and further expanded the business. He produced wooden garden furniture with steel legs. Steel legs need to be welded and from there it was a small step to expand into scaffolding, trestles and building materials.

In 1982, the family business ventured onto the rental market. Although the current owner unfortunately miss out on the fishing season, the company's roots in fine craftsmanship still form the basis for the current professional organisation catering to construction companies and industry.